Growth, progress and opportunity.
Recognised as the fastest growing city in Queensland and Australia’s first Intelligent Community, Ipswich is generating an unprecedented amount of progress and opportunity. Ipswich City Council’s commercial entities are at the forefront of that growth, actively transforming key sites across the region for community benefit and economic development.
Ipswich City Council’s companies are focused on the following objectives:
thumb_01_60_60Identify strategically important Ipswich sites
thumb_01_60_60Developing commercial feasibility options within the Ipswich region
thumb_01_60_60Engage partners with Council for community benefit
thumb_01_60_60Driving development to turn possibilities into reality

Ipswich Fast Facts


Full time employment, compared to state average of 64%


Labour force increase between 2001 and 2011, compared to 27.8% for the state


Of the population is under 25. Ipswich has the youngest demographic profile in South East Quensland


Of available business and industrial land in South East Queensland

Transforming possibility into reality.

ICON Tower Ipswich

Located at 117 Brisbane Street Ipswich, ICON Tower was completed September 2013 and is a key milestone in the Ipswich City Centre Redevelopment project.

The Queensland State Government committed to a 15-year lease of the A-Grade commercial space. Hundreds of additional government staff working in Ipswich result in a boost to the Ipswich economy and acts as a key driver in the transformation of the Ipswich CBD. ICON Tower also features retail businesses on the ground level.

CBD Transformation

We are now entering the most critical phase in the 10-15 year redevelopment of Ipswich City Centre. The next step in this transformational development following completion of ICON Ipswich Tower A includes a major retail space, commercial offices, entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants connecting the precinct with the Bremer river and parklands.

Council administration and a new library will also relocate to the CBD as part of the next stage of the Ipswich City Centre Redevelopment Project, expected to begin construction from mid 2017.