The Company

Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd is a company 100% owned by Ipswich City Council operating under a Board of Directors. It was incorporated on 9 March 2009. The company’s objectives are to undertake all activities required to carry out and complete the acquisition, redevelopment, management and sale of Ipswich City Square and 143 Brisbane Street.

The Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project

The project which Ipswich City Properties (ICP) commenced in 2009 is the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project. It is a major mixed use development project on a key strategic site next to the Ipswich Railway Station and Riverheart parklands in the Ipswich CBD. It incorporates planned retail, residential, cultural and recreational uses including a new water feature.

The key focus is on inner city living and 24/7 vitality with the creation of a vibrant urban centre and a street based higher order retail precinct centred around a new purpose built Administration and Services precinct for Ipswich City Council, incorporating a relocated Library facility.

The retail component is intended to be strongly focussed on food and beverage, entertainment and fresh food; all designed to provide a distinct point of difference from that offered by Riverlink shopping centre.

There is also scope to potentially accommodate a new performing arts centre as well as the provision of public art and a high quality public realm with improved visual and physical connections between the CBD, the Bremer River, the Bell Street transport hub and the adjacent business precincts including Top of Town.

The first redevelopment phase.

The first redevelopment phase involving the built environment commenced in December 2011 by Leighton Properties and Hutchinson Builders on the corner of Bell and Brisbane Streets on a nine storey 5 Star Green Star Commercial Office Tower.

The commercial office component of this first tower development is fully leased to the State Government under an initial fifteen year lease. Prior to commencement of construction in December 2011 it was sold to Cromwell Property Group for $93 million. It was completed in September 2013.

The next stage

The sale of land for all stages of the future development is subject to strict timeline and outcome conditions to ensure achievement of required commercial and civic development outcomes. A significant program of community engagement was undertaken prior to the commencement of construction works on the next project stage.

Where a future opportunity may arise, further partial disposal of the property may occur. Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd may also choose in future to maintain some degree of equity ownership in the redeveloped property. Owing to the scope, size, nature and complexity of this type of redevelopment, Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd anticipates that the redevelopment time frame is likely to be twelve to fifteen years and acknowledges that from time to time it may be engaged with more than one developer.

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More Information

For further information please read the media release. You can also download the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Master Plan.

Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd (ICP) is governed by the following board.
The board meets regularly to discuss performance and projects and provides regular briefings to council.
The company is audited by the Queensland Audit Office.

Greg Chemello

Greg-ChemelloGreg has some 35 years’ professional and management experience; the last two decades in leadership roles within public and private sector organisations undergoing significant change. His professional experience is generally in the property and development sectors through senior professional, management and leadership roles with both property asset owners and advisory/consulting businesses and organisations.

In addition to roles involved with delivery of developments and capital works, Greg has extensive business management experience having undertaken Director / General Manager / Senior Executive roles for a number of private companies and public sector organisations. Greg has developed considerable expertise in areas such as strategic planning, governance, change management, commercial negotiation and stakeholder management and communication.

Greg’s most recent role as General Manager of Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) involved leading EDQ’s land use and infrastructure planning, community consultation and property development teams to facilitate economic and community development opportunities on sites across the State. On 22 August 2018, following dissolution of the Ipswich City Council by the Queensland Parliament, Greg was appointed as Interim Administrator for the City of Ipswich. He is now working with council management and staff to become a leading local government in Australia in terms of governance arrangements, operational policies and procedures, business and community engagement prior to the March 2020 Queensland local government elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd created?

Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd (ICP) was formed in order to ignite the redevelopment of the Ipswich CBD. The acquisition of Ipswich City Square in March 2009 has enabled Council to take the lead in strategic ownership over a vastly significant portion of the Ipswich CBD, thereby providing Council with a considerable level of influence over the future development and direction of this vital area of the City’s Heart which is aimed at enhancing Ipswich’s position as the Principal Regional Activity Centre of the Western Corridor.

When is the next stage of the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project scheduled for completion?

By 30 September 2019.

Who appoints the directors?

Ipswich City Council as the shareholder.

Does the company report to Council on its commercial activities?

Yes. It meets with Councillors regularly to provide an overview of company activities and formally reports to Council each year including the presentation of the Directors’ Report and the financial statements.

What updates are there on the CBD redevelopment?

What will be the eventual level of the road on Union Place? There are many different levels.

The road grade will be re-shaped with a new level created to suit the new uses. This area will be pedestrian friendly.

Are the ground conditions stable at Union Place for road construction? 

The conditions are stable and suited to the uses we are proposing.

What is the future of Trades Hall?

This is a matter for the owners of Trades Hall, as this is not council owned and not part of the redevelopment.

What notice will businesses receive?

We will provide all impacted businesses and tenants with ample notice. We are seeking your patience and understanding, as there will need to be adjustments across the construction program as we progress, as there are always unknowns and unexpected constraints.

What help will be provided for business during construction? Most people will assume the site is closed for business.

It is critical we partner to promote that the Mall and surrounds are open for business. It is important we maintain positivity across all communications and networks.

ICP and Council will maintain media and messaging that our CBD businesses are trading and that there is access and parking. We will continue an events and promotional program in partnership CBD traders.

Will there be on-street parking when the Mall is re-opened?

We expect that there will be some convenience parking and places for drop-offs.

Will it be time-limited?

We expect so, as retailers will want turnover of spaces.

Will there be sufficient car parks in the city when this redevelopment is complete?

Successful city centres effectively manage appropriate parking. We don’t want to substitute future civic attractions and business opportunities with more parking on lots which could otherwise be put to better commercial use. We are looking for more density and development in the centre.

We will provide and manage car parking for the future, while promoting public and active transport, as we are currently doing. Our strategy will be to ensure active turnover and management of the car parking resources.

Will the existing multi-level car park be closed?

The current multi-level car park needs upgrades to meet building codes, and we expect there will be temporary closures from time to time. We will advise you about these. The intention is to keep the car park open for the majority of the time.

How many car parks will remain?

Approximately 800 car parks will remain in the current car park.

Will sections of the car park become isolated from the intended destination of our workers and shoppers?

This is not expected but requires further detailed investigation. The plan is to provide access and entry points and wayfinding when we are working in various parts of the car park. We will provide more information about this in the future.

Where will construction workers park?

This is under active consideration. We are looking at off-street parking options. We will confirm arrangements.

Won’t business be disadvantaged as there will be large numbers of Council workers in this area seeking car parks?

Parking will be provided in the new building, through an allocation of around 190 car parks. Council doesn’t currently provide parking for the majority of Council workers, and they make their own arrangements. We will provide end of trip facilities in the new building to support active transport. Many workers catch public transport and make arrangements to avoid parking in the city.

How is the project funded?

ICP/Council is funding the project. We will fund the project through a variety of ways, such as selling a lot to the developers of the Council building. We will also recoup savings by consolidating the number of buildings that Council operates from, and on-selling these properties. This is also a civic investment project, to advance the CBD, so is not purely a commercial proposal.

Will there be promotional activity to explain the progress of the redevelopment?

We will seek opportunity to create a presence through static displays. We will also launch and promote a project website to increase awareness.

Will more positive messages be in the media?

It is our goal to seek positive coverage through engagement with the media. We have achieved recent positive coverage about the redevelopment. We will also use social media. Importantly we all have a role in how we communicate about the redevelopment, including with the media and our customers.

This is going to be a big open space, and personal safety and security needs to be considered.

Safe city cameras and monitoring will continue in the CBD. Improvements will be made to lighting, civic activity and the project will consider crime prevention through environmental design principles.

Is residential development being considered in the CBD?

Yes, we would ultimately like a residential presence to add to the activation and demand for services. We recognise that successful city centres need a residential base.

This will be market driven. For this to be feasible we need to first deliver the civic attractions.

Will the events program continue?

This is our intention. The events program has been very successful and we would like to continue events and associated promotion during construction. This is under active consideration, but we will need to adapt to the construction locations and program. There will also be a strong events program after project completion, as we will have a new and expansive civic and events spaces.

What is expected tenancy mix? Just retail?

We are looking for a diversity of offerings, including services. We want to create a day and night urban feel.

What is the size of the new food and beverage space?

1,400m2 over two (2) levels

When will the new food and beverage precinct open?

We are in discussions with specialist F&B advisors to facilitate tenancies. We need to get the mix right and we will take our time to get this right. We want to avoid mistakes made on similar projects where the first offers were accepted, which turned out to not be in the best interests of the overall project.

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